How Can I Work Out If I Can Afford The Rent?

Rental payments must not exceed 33% of your monthly gross income. For example £1000.00 (gross monthly income) x 0.33 = £330.00 therefore your share of the monthly rent must be £330.00 or less. If the rent over income ratio is greater than 33% a guarantor may be required or rental payments in advance.

What Happens If I Am A Student

Students will require a UK based guarantor to support them. The applicant and guarantor will be assessed individually.

Are There Any Other Costs Linked To The Tenancy I Should Be Aware Of?

A list of all costs to be incurred by the tenant can be found by clicking on this link:

Where Can I Find More Information About The Letting Process

The government provides a guide which is provided to tenants for all tenancies created after 1st October 2015. This gives a detailed explanation of the process and explains both Landlord and Tenant responsibilities.

A copy of the guide can be viewed here: HOW TO RENT GUIDE

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