Ed Gormley

Ed GormleyOwner/Director

Ed's father, Peter, founded the business in 1986 and Ed took over in 2005 following a career as a chartered accountant and investment banker. Ed has grown the business substantially since taking over the reins but is absolutely adamant the business must retain the qualities his father instilled of excellent service and the building of long-term relationships. Although the business is continuing to grow he can be found regularly meeting with staff to ensure issues are dealt with quickly and landlords and tenants are kept up to date on their properties. Ed is a member of ARLA and the NAEA.

Alex Jerram

Alex Jerram Sales Manager

Alex has been operating in the prime central London sales market for many years and during that time has built up a wealth of experience allowing him to understand a property's true value, thereby ensuring the best prices for his clients and a smooth sales process for both sides. Alex is a member of the NAEA.

Zahra Ghulam

Zahra Ghulam Senior Lettings Negotiator

Zahra is a key member of the PG lettings team. Having transitioned from a career in retail to property she has brought to her role great customer service and a general capacity for hard work. She goes to great lengths to understand what her clients want and she makes sure she provides it. She has an in-depth knowledge of both our Islington and east London markets.

Lissy MacLeod

Lissy MacLeodHead of Lettings Progression

Lissy’s role is to manage the renewal process for our clients, ensuring that this happens in a timely fashion so both our landlords and tenants have time to agree whether they want to renew their contracts and at a suitable rental price. If the tenant decides to leave the property Lissy makes sure the re-marketing process begins immediately so voids are minimised and the transition to a new tenant is seamless. She also ensures the numerous administrative requirements around a new and renewed tenancy are all dealt with appropriately.

Sally Makepeace-Taylor

Sally Makepeace-TaylorAccounts Manager

Sally runs the Accounting function of the business ensuring that our clients and suppliers are paid in a timely and accurate fashion. Sally is a very experienced property professional having worked in the sector for almost 20 years.

Akash Pithia

Akash PithiaSenior Property Manager

Akash is a senior member of the property management team. He oversees the regular inspection of the properties we manage and is also responsible for the various refurbishment projects we undertake for our clients. This is a growing part of the PG business and allows our clients to undertake extensive without having to handle every aspect of the project personally.

David Watts

David WattsProperty Maintenance

David is the longest serving member of the team having worked for Peter Gormley long before Ed arrived. He knows many of our properties better than anyone else and can be relied on to deal with any emergency at the drop of a hat.

Milton Trevisan

Milton TrevisanProperty Maintenance

Milton has extensive experience in property maintenance and has worked for a number of property management businesses around central London. He displays a wealth of knowledge and can turn his hand adeptly, to any number of different issues that arise in our properties. This skill means that problems can be dealt with quickly and efficiently so minimising the disruption to our tenants and maintaining low costs for our clients.