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Predictions for 2017

Dear All

As we're now moving in to February of the new year, even dry Januarys are over and certainly Christmas is a distant (but hopefully pleasant) memory.

Welcome back to the working world; and what a one January has thrown up for us. Donald Trump is now the leader of the free world and is setting a cracking pace at reducing that freedom. The complete r ... read full article

Overview of 2016

Dear Landlord

‘The times, they are a changin’’

As the staff begin to decorate the office and the streets around us start to twinkle with little fairy lights I know it is that time of year again to put down my thoughts and reflections on another year embedded in the London residential property market.

Overall I feel that we are now in a sector which i ... read full article

After a rather extended silence since the Summer I thought it was well past time to update you all on my feelings about the market and, frankly, anything else which is worthy of you reading.

 From looking back over my last note, I highlighted that the sales market was struggling but lettings had actually received an artificial boost post Brexit. These two factor ... read full article

August news

We hope that you all are enjoying a pleasant Summer, wherever in the World you are.

 In London and the UK generally the dust is now settling on the aftermath of Brexit and it feels as though some sensible and reassuring events have occurred which are reducing the effects caused by simply not knowing what the future holds. Obviously the election ... read full article


So, now we know. We all woke up on the 24th June, looked at the headlines; probably, if you were based in London, feeling pretty nonchalant about the result, and then actually checked the result and realised, with quite some impact, that the rest of England didn't share your views. But how? I felt like the employees of the Guardian who woke up, post General Election, and could ... read full article

Dear All

 We hope you are enjoying the rare glimpses of sun we seem to be experiencing at the moment, while, perhaps, you debate which box to tick on 23rd June.

 It's interesting how the whole Brexit vote is casting an increasingly large, rather dark shadow over everything at the moment. It is obviously very difficult to extrapolate fully the ef ... read full article