Published: 26/05/2016  Last Updated: 09/02/2017 14:16:29

PG Estates has recently acquired well-established Shoreditch agent, PJ Morgan. Paul House, of PJ Morgan, who is retiring said, "I strongly believe that the best letting agents are the independents where there is an ethos of good, long term service to their clients, their tenants and their properties. As such, I have decided to sell to another local, privately owned and run firm, PG Estates, with effect from the 21st May 2016."

Edward Gormley, the owner of PG Estates said, "PJ Morgan is a strong, reputable local agent, which has been providing a high quality personal service to its clients for many years. PG Estates will look to maintain this level of personal service built up by Paul and his team over many years and build on their legacy."

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